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About Us

Today, it is almost a huge pleasure, almost two decades, for you to become my Warehouse, or TERGONREY Warehouse. A mission has always been to take my creations in the form of hope and satisfaction to all who have access. To make this more real, seriously perfect, find everything you need to make the best soaps and bath products. It was not easy! Need to fight to get the best in quality, run or world and use everything you had and believe that we can be the best, it took us years! But he did it!

Today, we have a team that takes care of the quality and fidelity of TERGON REY raw materials, with a CDPP (TERGONREY Distribution Center) to receive, analyze and distribute the best. Today, we have around 500 thousand registered products, available for our sector, to obtain the necessary service.

There are thousands of creations that make the greatest creators of handmade soaps in the world, are seen today in all countries, are made by year of videos and participations that boost the world of Saboaria and well-being. We have free materials and classes that speak directly about the behavior and management of your new business.

We have partnerships with Sebrae and other groups to facilitate their understanding and development. Well, have you seen that we love or do! We work with sincerity and commitment always focusing on you, feeling happy and successful.

Thank you so much for all your love and trust, believe me: transparency and determination or what motivate me. We are here ready to listen and serve with the utmost excellence.